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 Certification Course of Computers Hardware

– Course Duration: 6 Months

– Weekly Class :- 3 Days (1.30 Hours/Class)

– Course Fees:- 6,000.00

-Admission Fees-600.00

– Fees Distribution:- [900 x 6 ]

Course Contents

– Concept of PC Hardware, Microprocessor, Memory, Motherboard, SMPS, Hard Disk

Drive, Optical Disk Drive, Keyboard and Mouse , Monitors .

– Assembling and disassembling a PC, Laptop

– I/O Ports and Devices

– Working with BIOS/CMOS

– Working with Portable PC

– Working with Printer

– Working with Scanners

– Working with Fax

– Preventive Maintenance and Material Recycling

– Hardware Troubleshooting

– Server Hardware

– Concept of Network ,Network Switch, Modem, Router, Access Point etc.

– Concept of Remote Access Software.

Certification Course of  Concept of Computers Network

– Course Duration: 5 Months

– Weekly Class :- 3 Days (1.30 Hours/Class)

– Course Fees:- 6,000.00

-Admission Fees-1,000.00

– Fees Distribution:- [1,000.00 x 5 ]

Course Contents

– Basic Networking

– Network Models

– Topologies and Architecture

– OSI Layers

– IP Addressing and Subnetting Network Devices & Connectors LAN Configuration

– Internet Configuration

– LAN,WAN Technologies

– Concept of Modem, Routing Configuration

– Concept Wi-Fi Configuration

– Network Security & Firewall etc.



Certification Course on CCTV & Installation

– Course Duration: 4 Months

– Weekly Class :- 3 Days (1.30 Hours/Class)

– Course Fees:- 5,000.00

-Admission Fees-1,000.00

– Fees Distribution:- [1,000.00 x 4 ]

Course Contents

Basic Concept of Camera (Indore Camera, Out Door Camera ,IP Camera,PTZ

Camera etc)

– Concept of DVR(Digital Video Recorder) & NVR(Network Video Recorder)

– Power  Supply Unit

– CCTV Cable

– BNC ,DC Power

– Cable Dressing Process

– Network Installation for IP Camera

– Mobile Configuration and App Installation Setting

– Concept of WI-FI Camera


Terms and Condition

1.Parents/Guardian Need pay Monthly Fees within 1st week in Every month. Otherwise 10.00/ Day  fine will be added with the fees.

2.If Student Continuously absent 2 days in their tuition class we will intimate guardian/parents .

3.If Student absent 7 days without any prior information will be consider as he/she is no longer interested for tuition/Coaching anymore. We will cancel his/her registration from our database. In future if Student again willing to join they have to pay admission fees again.

4.Admission fees will be charge once if students continue their tuition year to year.

  1. If student timing is not match with any fresh batch we provide dedicated faculty for them.

6.Each batch consist of (Minimum)1 to (maximum)8 students .

7.Each Tuition Class duration 1.30hrs to 2 hrs. But for some exceptional/Mandatory  case it will be 3 to 4 hours.

8.If Student will not attend their class due to some unavoidable circumstances they need to inform office coordinator. Only then we can arrange for extra class for them.

9.We provide 1:1 ration computer means each student will get computer for their class.

10.We offer hybrid class for tuition i.e Theory and Practical/Programming class together. It will solve all doubt at the same time when faculty discuss any topic.